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Jonathan “Johnny” Marbles

Jonathan “Johnny” Marbles

Chef's assistant

Personality: honest and hardworking, lacks self-confidence

Occupation: junior chef`s assistant

Hobby: writing jokes, standup comedy

Johnny tried to get into Culinary School to achieve his dream of becoming a famous chef, but failed the entrance exams. Fate brings him to the doors of a newly-renovated Grey family restaurant. He admires the Grey family, and is not giving up on his dreams of becoming a top-ranked chef.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by LexiSsS: What is your favorite color?
A: Blue and yellow. Pink, too, a little bit.
Q.2 by Secret: What kind of girl do you like
A: Brave girls who have strong opinions and stand up for them.
Q.3 by Eshra: Are you still uncomfortable to communicate with customers?
A: I'm... working on that.
Q.4 by Adlah: What's your biggest fear?
A: Harsh culinary critics! Especially Monsieur LeShan...
Q.5 by Rachel: What restaurants do you like working in and why
A: The Burger Joint—that's where I met my friends!
Q.6 by Lavinia: What kind of drinks do you like?
A: Aunt Erin's homemade lemonade.
Q.7 by Toshiba Hubbard: What made you want to be a chef?
A: My entire family loves cooking! My mom's and Aunt Erin's delicious dishes have been my inspiration since childhood.
Q.8 by Hamster: How long have you been working
A: It's hard to say... I've been helping my mom by cooking food for my brother and sister since I was a little boy.
Q.9 by Nikki: What kind of dessert do you like?
A: Everything chocolate and vanilla: ice cream cones, two-tone cookies, marble roll cakes... Mmm!
Q.10 by Reaper.R: What would your ideal date look like?
A: It could be anything, as long as it's with a girl I like.