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Alexandra “Alex” Calloway

Alexandra “Alex” Calloway


Personality: sharp and impulsive, unpredictable

Occupation: aspiring actress

Hobby: singing, performance arts, ethnic songs

Alex always stood out throughout her school and college years because of her independent and free-spirited personality. Her unpredictable persona goes quite well with her profession of actress.

Question & Answer

Q.1 by Natalia: Girl do you dye your hair because it t looks flawless
A: My secret is sunbathing! But don't forget your sunscreen!
Q.2 by leah: do you have a crush on Creighton?
A: Who? That cocky heartthrob?
Q.3 by Vy: What kinds of music do you like?
A: Any song I can play sitting by the fireplace on a warm night.
Q.4 by ferfstop: como você aguenta trabalhar tanto? quais foram os melhores restaurantes que você trabalhou e quais as maiores qualidades e defeitos seus Alex?
A: My secret is morning meditation, it helps me tune into a productive mood! It's hard for me to pick a restaurant, they're all good in their own way!
Q.5 by Nastya: What kind of movie do you prefer the most ?
A: I love musicals, there are so many songs and dances!
Q.6 by Lily: How are you so pretty?
A: I'm sure you're a beautiful person, too!
Q.7 by Dhapne: Don't you think Vivien is more beautiful and popular than you?
A: Sure thing! All my friends are the most beautiful and talented people in the world!
Q.8 by Erica: Could you add more outfits and hairstyles, makeup, haircuts? Fancy outfits such as fancy dresses first date outfits etc?
A: Grandpa Bobby and I try really hard so you can wear nothing but the most fashionable outfits! If you have any special requests, please feel free to let us know.
Q.9 by SeeBerdSong: I love your show! Are you planning to travel with it to try foods from other countries? Or are you comfortable in Tasty Hills?
A: I'd love it, but the thing is my show has a tiny budget! Guess which star spends all the channel's money on hair gel?
Q.10 by YaRaiha : What was your favorite dish growing up?
A: Gazpacho, paella, and fresh fruit!