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7 Oct 2019Cooking Diary

Results of the Campaign "Ask your favorite Tasty Hills resident a question!"

Hi, chefs!

We received a total of more than fifteen hundred questions in more than 10 languages from you!

It was flattering and fun for the characters of Tasty Hills to receive so many questions—some of them really got them thinking.

Vivien got the most questions with 332. Next was Johnny (252), then Creighton (229). Imagine what it was like for them to pick the 10 most interesting ones!

Most popular questions:

  • Who likes what dishes/drinks/fruits?
  • How did Vivien become a blogger?
  • Why is Johnny so shy?
  • What makes Creighton so popular?
  • How did Leonard learn to cook so well?
  • Is Dave married?

There were also just requests to help with the game: how to earn more rubies; why it is impossible to add two assistants; how to buy, for instance, one more juice dispenser. Our advice here is to check out our support page!

Speaking of fun, we should note one of the questions for Grandpa: how come he has so many grandchildren? Also, some players proposed to Soul and invited Vivien out for coffee =)

You can see the answers to the 10 most interesting questions on the character's page right now! Just press on their picture and read the resident's interview!

Overall question statistics: