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11 Aug 2023Tasty Hills Times

Cooking Diary MBTI Table!

Embark on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery as you uncover your MBTI type in Cooking Diary!The INTJ Chef: "The Strategic Mastermind"
You approach each level with a brilliant strategy, using your analytical mind to overcome challenges and level up faster than anyone else!

The ENFP Chef: "The Energetic Explorer"
Your boundless energy and passion for trying new recipes make every dish you create a delightful surprise for your customers!

The ISTP Chef: "The Fearless Daredevil"
You thrive under pressure, taking on the toughest cooking events with ease, and your daring spirit leads you to discover hidden gems in the game!

The ESFJ Chef: "The Supportive Mentor"
You're always there to help your fellow chefs, sharing tips and tricks to boost their game and create a strong, supportive community!

The INFJ Chef: "The Intuitive Visionary"
Your intuitive nature allows you to predict game trends and events, helping you make the most of every opportunity in Cooking Diary!

The ESTP Chef: "The Enthusiastic Showman"
You bring the party to the kitchen with your lively personality, making your restaurant a favorite spot for customers looking for a good time!

The ISFP Chef: "The Artistic Stylist"
Your eye for design and aesthetics shines through in your restaurant, making it a stunning visual experience for all your visitors!

The ENFJ Chef: "The Charismatic Entertainer"

You're a natural at engaging with other players, forming strong bonds and friendships that make Cooking Diary an even more enjoyable game!

The ISTJ Chef: "The Organized Prodigy"
Your meticulous planning and management skills turn your restaurant into a well-oiled machine, ensuring maximum efficiency in the game!

The ESFP Chef: "The Dynamic Performer"
You love entertaining your customers with live cooking shows and special events, adding an extra touch of excitement to your restaurant!

The INFP Chef: "The Imaginative Dreamer"
Your creative flair and out-of-the-box thinking lead you to discover unique game strategies that set you apart from other chefs!

The ESTJ Chef: "The Commanding Leader"
Your strong leadership in guild quests and teamwork inspire other players to achieve their best results in Cooking Diary!