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23 Aug 2022

Samantha Nicole Soria's fanfic: "Eat, Tray, Love"

Another day has begun and I could now smell the delicious food we are cooking. A few minutes later, hungry customers will arrive and we should be prepared. Along with the customers, one person who is the cause of my headache will come and torment me. He doesn't even order. Maybe he is just spying on our recipes. I don't get it, though. He is already successful but he still comes here. Is he threatened?

"Jonathan, are you ready?", I asked my assistant.

"Yes, Chef Grey!" he replied and the customers came pouring in.

Speaking of the devil, here's Chef Creighton waltzing in through the door with his annoying smirk.

"Lovely day, Ms. Grey", he said loudly.

"It's Chef Grey!", I replied.

With my annoyance however, I stumbled through a stray piece of napkin and the tray almost slipped out of my hands along with the customer's order if it weren't for... Chef Creighton?!

His face is so close to mine and I could see him smirking even with the moody lighting here at my restaurant.

"What's this, Ms. Grey? Already failing so early in the morning?" he said and then laughed.

When I regained composure, I decided that the only way out of this awkwardness was to assert my dominance. I pushed his chest and moved ny face closer.

I heard him gasp in a voice only I could hear. It worked. 

"Are you blushing, Chef Creighton?", I asked teasingly.

"Wh-what?! No! It's because your restaurant is so hot. Maybe you should provide a good air conditioning." He looked flustered and he hurriedly walked out the door.

"Hmm... guess that's the technique to get rid of your enemy", I muttered to myself. Looking back, that tray was kind of a good accident.

The next day, same as usual, customers were eating and then suddenly, Chef Creighton bolted through the door and greeted me. I wonder how he finds the time to go here. Eh.. Maybe it's because he has so many sous chefs.

"Ms. Grey, I would like to order everything you have on your menu", he said in a stern voice. 

"Right away", I replied casually. Huh. This is new, him ordering my food. I wonder why. Every time he goes here, he just boasts about his restaurant and mocks mine. What will he do with this food? Let's see.

I gave him all the food we have in our menu and I made sure that it was excellent. As I'm waiting for his reaction, I got disappointed. He seems to have no reaction to my food at all because his face remained neutral.

When I saw that he finished all the food I prepared for him, I decided to ask him, "Well? What do you think?"

"It's actually not bad. We would be a pretty great team", he said in a serious tone that I didn't doubt what he said.


"You look nice today", Chef Creighton said and then he slowly walked out.

After that incident, he has been coming here and eating some of my food. By that time, I would often get gifts from a secret admirer after each of my shift for the day. I happily accepted all the gifts since I don't have much time for dating. I'm busy with my restaurant so I might as well enjoy this. 

After my shift ended, I looked at the locker and I found a box of chocolates with a note that says, "To the woman who will be the future star chef of Tasty Hills, I am not sure how to confess that I like you but be prepared tomorrow because I will give you a clue through my last gift. I hope you recognize me."

My heart thrumped as I got excited for tomorrow.

The next day was quite unusual. Chef Creighton came here again but he looked fidgety and nervous and what more, he didn't order. I guess he does not want my food anymore. 

After my shift, I hurriedly went to see what's inside my locker. I gasped when I saw a red tray with a meal. The red tray looked suspicious because if this was a gift, then why did the tray came from my own restaurant? 

I took a bite from the meal and I gasped. "Chef Creighton is my secret admirer?" I'm not yet sure so I finished the meal. I am shocked by how familiar the taste is because this is the food of my former idol and my enemy at the present. At the bottom of the bowl, there's something written. "Thanks for this tray and your clumsiness because I saw your eyes and the passion you have for cooking. I don't know how it happened but when I tasted your food, I instantly imagined the cooking that is done with so much love. When I go here tomorrow, I will properly confess to you."

The next day came and Chef Creighton is still not here. Before my shift ended, I heard the bell from the door. Someone's coming. Another customer? We were about to close.

I looked up from cooking and I saw him.

Our eyes met and Chef Creighton walked up towards me holding a bouquet of flower.

"Chef Grey", he said. Hmm.. that's new. He called me Chef. He officially acknowledged me.

"Yes, Chef Creighton?", I asked in a tiny voice.

"Will you give me the chance to show you my love?" he asked.

"What is this cliché? Eat, Tray, Love?" I joked. He looked quite hurt so I said, "Just kidding! Let's go out after my shift."


We smiled at each other and I swear, this moment was sweeter than the cupcakes we serve here.

by Samantha Nicole Soria