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2 May 2023Interview

Interview with Chef: Cristyn, Ale, and Alejandra

Chefs! 🤗 We are deeply grateful for your contributions to the Cooking Diary community. As you may guess, a new edition of our "Interview with Chefs!" series is finally here. 🥳 Today, our lovely guest is Cristyn, Ale, and Alejandra — Mundo CDE and Cooking Diary Español admins! Make yourself comfortable, because the next 10 minutes are going to be fascinating! ✨

🌟 Please say a couple of words about yourselves!

Hi, Chefs! We are three girls, Cristyn, Ale, and Alejandra, and we are Mexican. We are all friends. Some time ago, we decided to create a FB group and a YouTube channel dedicated to this wonderful game, Cooking Diary, and translate it all into our native language, Spanish 💜

Cristyn: My name is Crystin Solano, and I'm a fashion designer and stylist. I love to sing, play video games, and design 😍

Ale: My name is Ale Guzmán. I'm a happy but introverted person. I'm a junior HR director, and I love editing pictures just for the fun of it.

Alejandra: My name is Alejandra Cervantes, and I'm a high school teacher. I'm a responsible and fun person 😃

🌟 Thank you! Let's begin our interview! How did you start playing Cooking Diary?

Cristyn: I was looking for a cooking game on the Play Store, and I did not like any of them until I found this beautiful game 💕

Ale: It was last year due to an ad I watched in another game.

Alejandra: I started in April 2020 because I saw your game's ads in other games.

🌟 What is it about the game that you like the most? Why?

Cristyn: I love the Food Truck and Path to Glory because I love the outfits, the prizes, and, of course, dressing and personalizing my avatar 👗

Ale: I love the complexity of the levels in each restaurant. It's never boring!

Alejandra: The things I like the most are the fun animations, the game's difficulty, and the clothes 🤩

🌟 Do you have any interesting stories related to Cooking Diary? Maybe you've found new friends? 

Cristyn: The most beautiful thing Cooking Diary has given me is discovering a talent I didn't know I had, and, of course, the long-distance friends I've made 💗

Ale: Well, I met Cristy and Ale—such great ladies!

Alejandra: Thanks to the game, I've had the opportunity to meet and spend time with people all over my country ☺️

🌟 Here's a little game for you. Choose which characters you'd kiss, marry, or be friends with. Johnny, Dave, Vivi? Maybe Creighton? Or someone completely different? Explain your choices!

Cristyn: I'd kiss my little bunny 🐰—he is so fluffy. I'd marry Adam, and I'd love to be friends with Vivien. I like her personality, and I think I could tell her a lot of secrets 😌

Ale: Marry Dave (we all know why, lol), kiss Johnny (he's adorable), and be friends with Alex (she's so cool).

Alejandra: Everything with Johnny!!! I'd marry him, kiss him, everything!! Haha, I love him because he is a sweet person 😍

🌟 You've done a lot for the Spanish-speaking community of Cooking Diary! Please tell me how you got the idea to create your own pages about the game! 🙂

Cristyn: When I started my adventure in this cute game 🙃, I was looking for a Latin American guild, but I realized there were almost no other Spanish-speaking players because the game had only been released a few months earlier. So, due to my desire to meet people and make friends, I decided to make an exclusive FB Group for Spanish-speaking players 💕 because at the time there were none.

🌟 What were your first steps as admins of a fan page? How did you find your audience?

Cristyn: Most of the players came all by themselves 😍, but in the beginning, I remember I also used to send messages to anyone who commented in Spanish on Cooking Diary's official Facebook page. When the group started growing and being more active, I realized they joined seeking answers to the most basic questions about the game. Even I had doubts at times too 😅, so between my friends (Pris, Faby) and I 💟, we decided to make infographics about FAQs that were surging in the community. We started to have a lot of interaction, and the community started to grow more and more. Some time later, I met Ale and Alejandra 💜, and then two more beautiful girls joined us to help us moderate and share their talent with us—they are Grisel and Atzy 🤗🌸

🌟 What do you like the most about the work you're doing?

Cristyn: The most beautiful thing to me is to be able to help other players 🤗 and motivate them by making edits for them 🖤

Ale: How big the community is now.

Alejandra: The edits ♥️ I love to look for ideas for creating content for the group, as well as the videos on our channel 💜

🌟 Did you face any challenges? How did you manage to overcome them?

Cristyn: Yes, I had great challenges that helped me grow as a person ☺️ I try to learn from my mistakes and take the feedback of our members into consideration. Managing a Latin American FB Group with over 8,000 members requires organization and patience.

Ale: It's a bit hard to keep the peace in a big community, but we managed it by being kind, and we keep working hard to prevent mean or hateful posts.

Alejandra: Yes, like with everything, there have been some difficulties. In my case, the hardest has been learning to use video editing apps—I have zero patience 😅

🌟 Please give advice to players who might want to follow your path and create their own Cooking Diary fan community!

Cristyn: My advice is to be persistent. This is something that requires plenty of time, love, and effort 🥰

Ale: Patience is key 😉

Alejandra: To take their creativity to the max to introduce activities and dynamics and, as my friends said, lots of patience.

🌟 Let's talk about the process of content creation. How did you start making your own edits/art/videos?

The main reason was to help our community by sharing information in Spanish since the game only gave the information in English* 💗 In our group, we started to translate the weekly calendar and make infographics about FAQs, restaurants, and districts. After that, we decided to introduce fun dynamics to interact with our members like ✨Fashion Friday✨, where we created an imaginary event and had to dress for what the occasion required 🌸 Later on, we wanted to help and reach more people, so we decided to expand our social media and create a ♥️YouTube channel♥️, an Instagram account called Mundo CDE, and a fan page with the same name 🌎💜 We decided to name it that because we think we're a world full of creativity and friendship, and the acronym CDE is because that's the name of our group: Cooking Diary Español. On the YouTube channel, we make gameplay videos, show restaurant tours, give tips, and do other fun activities 💕😍

If you'd like to follow us, our username is @mundocde on FB, Instagram, and Youtube ⭐

*Our game is currently available in 12 languages.

🌟 How do you come up with ideas? What's your main source of inspiration?

Cristyn: No doubt, it's everything Cooking Diary has to offer, like the amazing restaurants each month, the new outfits every week, the pets, the events, and all the surprises in each update 🤩 We also focus on the necessities the players have, and we listen to their requests. We have a staff chat where we talk about ideas for creating content 💙

Ale: Mainly each new theme you guys come up with! The design of the game is so beautiful 😍

Alejandra: It's thanks to the internet, hahaha. I look for ideas on Pinterest, and I'm a teacher, so ideas come and go.

🌟 Which of your content do you find to be the most challenging but still one of your favorites?

Cristyn: The videos on our YouTube channel because they require a lot of time and production, but it feels so great to see them finished and know they were helpful to someone 🤩

Ale: Editing videos. So hard, but the results are amazing ♥️

Alejandra: The edits we make in our group for the members that participate in our activities ❣️

🌟 Are you preparing special content for Christmas? Do you have any nice traditions within your community?

Of course!! Every year we fill our group with Christmas edits 🎄🎊 During this beautiful season, we give prizes and introduce dynamics that help us get to know each other as members of the community. For example, we make a post where everyone can share their favorite Christmas dishes 🍛 Another example is that every week we make a special edit with love for the guilds that are in our group, and we put it as our main cover photo. We give special recognition to guilds' leagues and the best chefs in each mission. Christmas is so close, so we are starting to make all posts Christmas-themed 🎄🌟

🌟 Here's where you can write your Christmas wishes to the players reading your interview! What would you like to say to them?

Cristyn: I wish for you to have a Christmas full of love and spend amazing moments around your family. And I hope that Santa Claus brings many Food Truck keys and Golden Tickets ☃️🙃😅

Ale: Here's to another great year of playing Cooking Diary! ❤️

Alejandra: Thank you so much for your support and following us on our social media. Without you, this beautiful community wouldn't exist. We hope to have more activities and community dynamics for you 💜

🌟 Thank you, it was a pleasure to talk to you! Merry Christmas! 

Thank you so much, Cooking Diary and MYTONA, for this wonderful interview and giving us this space 💕

🎄🌟🎀 Merry Christmas, everyone!! 🎀🌟🎄

You could be our next guest too! Just send us a short description of what you'd like to share with the community in the comments to this post! 😉