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2 May 2023Interview

Interview with Chef: Krisha

Let's welcome the third guest to our regular column: Krisha Galang, a guild admin! 🌼 We are so happy to get to talk to you! ✨

(And don't forget, you could be our next guest! Just let us know in the comments, and we will PM you as soon as possible!)

⭐️ First, tell us about yourself!

Hello! My name is Krisha and I live in the Philippines. I love to travel and eat different food from different places.

⭐️ Nice to meet you, Krisha! And let's get started with our general questions—how did you start playing Cooking Diary? What motivated you?

I started playing Cooking Diary on June 1, 2019. I was looking for a game that doesn’t really requires me to purchase to move on on the next restaurant.

⭐️Could you tell us what your favorite things about Cooking Diary are and why?

I love the design in every resto and I learned a lot about food from different countries. I like that I can dress up my avatar with nice clothes because I like shopping clothes in real life. 

⭐️ Do you have any favorite characters? Would you work with them on your own restaurant together?

My favorite character is Vivien LeShan. She is friendly and always willing to try anything. I like that she is adventurous. She reminds me of myself. Yes, I would definitely work with her. We can be BFF!

⭐️ Which restaurant have you found so interesting that you would like to visit it in real life?

Tough question. I like restaurants that are really cute. I would probably go to my current restaurant which is Magic World. The food is too cute to eat.

⭐️ What kind of restaurant would you like to see in Tasty Hills? Leave your suggestions!

Since I’m a Filipina, I would love to see a restaurant that is based on the food and culture here in the Philippines. Some of my favorite Filipino dishes are Sisig and Sinigang.

⭐️ Imagine that you woke up in Tasty Hills one day. What would be the first thing you did there?

I’ll hang out at Wonderful Tea Party with all of the characters in Cooking Diary. A lot of players like that restaurant including myself.

⭐️ That's wonderful! Now, tell us more about yourself. Do you have any hobbies?

Aside from playing Cooking Diary, I love watching Korean and Chinese Dramas. I also love listening to music and chatting with my friends.

⭐️ Have you ever had a nickname? What was the story behind your Cooking Diary nickname?

My nickname is Sha but I find it really short. I love my name Krisha that’s why I used it as my username. My name was actually based from 2 famous celebrities here in the Philippines. Kris Aquino and Sharon Cuneta. That’s what my mother told me. Hahaha!

⭐️ If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I will die early for choosing this but I will die happily. I can eat Bacon for the rest of my life.

⭐️ Now, let's talk about your guild! How did you start working with your guild?

Our guild Team Neko PH started last August 18, 2020. We were 5 guildmates who wanted to have a competitive guild that will always be present in the Global top and stays in the Royal League but at the same time, a stress free environment having our own freedom to play as we please.

⭐️ Can you tell us the story behind your guild's name?

NEKO is a Japanese word which means cat. We decided to use it because I have a guildmate who love cats. We added TEAM because a guild requires teamwork and PH because we wanted to be recognized by our fellow Filipinos.

⭐️ Do you have any funny or touching stories from your guild administration experience? Tell us!

We celebrated our guild’s first anniversary last August. It was one of the happiest and most memorable moment for us. We ranked number 1 on the global top on the day of our anniversary.  The guild also gave away cash prizes to its members as a token of appreciation for their efforts during the year. They were telling me that they were very happy to be part of our guild. And even on a normal day there are times that they would just express how glad they are to be a part of our team.

⭐️ What exactly motivated you to become a guild admin?

My first friend that I met in the game, Arzy, encouraged me to create our own guild because we wanted to set our own rules and play on our own terms.

It’s really hard to be an admin. You have to manage 19 players that has different personalities. In my experience, there were times that I wanted to give up. But I was lucky to meet these people. Whenever they say our guild is the “best guild ever” it makes me want to continue playing with them.

⭐️ Do you do any activities with your guildmates outside of Cooking Diary?

We do raffles outside the game sometimes. We give cash prizes whenever there’s a special event like birthday, anniversary or just whenever we have high global top rank. We also like to chat about random topics about our personal lives. We are planning to have an online Christmas Party on December!

⭐️ What was the most challenging event your guild ever faced?

There was a time that there are only 12 of us in the guild and it was so hard to get competitive players to join us. We tried to get a high global ranking despite the lack of members and post it on Facebook so that other players can see our guild’s achievements. Back then, our moderator Kat was the one in charge of posting guild ads and recruiting players. Thats how we got some of our long time guildmates.

⭐️ Tell us a few words about your fellow guild admins!

My guild co-admins are Olivia and Gerbel. They help a lot in handling the guild. From editing, to setting the target score and communicating with our guildmates. Two of the best people I’ve met here! I can even talk about my personal life with them. I consider them not just my guildmates, but also my friends.

⭐️ If you'd like to, leave any message for the other players!

Hello to all the chefs out there! I hope you find the right guild and the right people for you to continue enjoying the game like me. Let’s all share the same positive energy around the community and we’ll definitely meet real friends unexpectedly.

Thank you! It was a pleasure to spend time with you, Krisha! ❣️