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2 May 2023Interview

Interview with Chef: Melanie

Remember the last interview with Yeimi, one of our most talented players? 💖 Now let's meet the next guest of our new regular column: Melanie Mendez! 😍 We can't believe we have such amazing Cooking Diary players! 

🌸 Hi! Could you please first tell us a couple of words about yourself?

Hi, My name is Melanie Mendez , My friends call me Mel. I am from California.. I love to bake in my free time, and I like edit a lot. 

🌸 That's very cool! Let's begin then. How did you start playing Cooking Diary?

I was watching a YouTube video, and an ad showed up of Cooking Diary, I loved the graphics, and restaurants caught my attention so I decided to download the game.

🌸 What are your favorite things about Cooking Diary and why?

My favorite thing about cooking diary is being able to dress up your own avatar, and every design they do is wonderful! Every time I see the new path of glory’s I get excited.

🌸 Please name your favorite character. Why him/her?

My favorite character from the game is Johnny, he’s always ready to cook and help! 

🌸 Imagine that you woke up in Tasty Hills. What would be the first thing you did there?

The first thing I would do if I woke up in TastyHills, is visit DarkWood Mansion and try one of the cakes 🤩

🌸 Now, let's talk about your fan group! How did it all get started for you?

July, 9, 2020 is when the group Cooking Diary World was created. I wanted to help  people from different country’s and languages.

🌸 Say a couple of words about your fellow group admins!

They are lovely people, all the admins are all creative. They are always ready to help! I appreciate them ❤️.

🌸 Do you have any funny stories from your fan group administration experience?

I have an admin, who is very funny he is very creative, apart from helping me he is also my friend. He’s very kind, I love seeing his funny stories/meme edits.

🌸 What kind of content do you post in your group?

In Cooking Diary World, we celebrate smiles Achievement, birthdays, mini games, We also post the megaphone offers and updates in the game!

🌸 How do you usually come up with these ideas?

The admins help me with ideas all together, If we have any ideas we all organize them to publish.

🌸 Tell us more about your content creation processes. How did you start doing that?

We started by publishing event results, birthday posts about our players,posting recipes about different country’s so they can know about other country’s dishes. 

🌸 What was your first edit about?

My first edit was a year ago. It was my profile picture. In my free time I always try to learn new things to Improve my edits.

🌸 What or who helps you improve your work?

I have 2 people who have helped me improve my work, They inspire me everyday.. It is my sister and my friend.

🌸 Which of your edits do you see as your favorite? Please tell us about the process of its creation!

My favorite edit I made, Is a profile picture, with a blue and white background. I got inspired by the colors I like. 

🌸 Where do you find inspiration? Do you perhaps have any advice for other content creators?

I admire many people in the community, All the edits of the people I admire are beautiful. Always support the people who help you, and always be thankful for what they do ❤️ 

🌸 Here you have the opportunity to leave any message to other players.

In this game, I have met many new friends, who have gave me support, and I have learned from them thank  you Cooking Diary❤️