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2 May 2023Interview

Interview with Chef: Yeimi

Hi, Chefs! 💖 We're deeply grateful to you for sticking around and creating fan content. Thanks for your contribution to our community! 🤗

We managed to partner up with Yeimi, a fan content creator, and ask her a few questions. We're so happy to get to know you better, and hey, who knows? 🥰 Maybe you'll be here someday too! 🌸

1. First of all. Please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Yeimi. Better known as Yei! I'm 26 years old. I'm Mexican. My username is "yeyibep" in the game and @yeyibep in all my social networks! I've been playing Cooking Diary since January 2020.

2. What prompted you to start playing Cooking Diary?

To be honest, it was something like "love at first sight". When I saw an advertisement for the game, I was captivated by the graphics and I've always loved all the designs and aesthetics that Cooking Diary has. In addition, the gameplay is always very dynamic and entertaining.

3. What do you do in your free time besides playing Cooking Diary?

I am a teacher, which sometimes consumes me a lot. In my free time, besides playing Cooking Diary, I enjoy spending time editing images with my avatar and my boyfriend's Cooking Diary avatar, my friends' avatars and creating posters for my guild.

4. Who's your favorite character? Why?

Johnny 😍, my favorite character has always been Johnny because of his cute personality and because in the game he is always available and ready to help me cook.

5. Which restaurant would you like to visit in real life?

Wow, this is a difficult question, because I would like to visit all of you! Haha. I will mention 5 of my favorite restaurant designs: "Particles of Taste", "Level Up", "Bites, Camera, Action", "Tastysaur" and "Floral Tale"

6. Which episode of the CD story did you find the funniest?

There are so many very fun and unexpected episodes that I have enjoyed and love... I think one of the funniest is #43 "Love Square" 😆.

7. If you had to live with one of the characters for a month on a deserted island, who would it be?

Vivien 💗, because she likes to talk a lot and I would never get bored with her. She is very adventurous and we would take a lot of photos for after the month when we have internet publish them on our social networks.

8. What kind of restaurant would you like to see in Tasty Hills?

A Cafeteria inspired by "Central Perk" from the series Friends. I would love a whole Friends-inspired POG with outfits inspired by the characters from the series, just like on October 2020 when it was all themed Stranger Things inspired ... I would definitely buy everything. 🤭 Also, I wish to have a cow 🐄 or a mini dinosaur 🦕 as a pet for my avatar.

9. How did you start creating CD fan content?

In April 2020 I organized our first Guild Theme in my guild "Familia Kiut" and made a poster with all our members, since then we have been increasingly complex and fun Themes. I mainly love creating edits with the avatars of my guild members and couple images with my boyfriend, whom I met thanks to Cooking Diary 💘.

10. What motivates you to create CD fan content?

I love editing images and teaching how to edit to my friends, too 😍. I love sharing my creations and what motivates me the most is that they value my work.

11. Which aspects of the game do you like best (storyline, customization, collecting, events, guilds, etc.)?

I truly adore everything about Cooking Diary. What I enjoy most is connecting with people! Meeting the members of my guild behind their avatar and forming a virtual family!

12. If you have anything else you'd like to share with other players, please do so now. Thanks!

I want to sent a warm hug and lots of love to all my friends that I have met through Cooking Diary, especially my Kiut Family ⭐🌈.