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2 May 2023Interview

Interview with Chefs: Yanna!

It's time to meet the other guest of our regular column. Hi there, Yanna! It was a real pleasure talking to you. 🥰

🌼 First of all. Please introduce yourself.

Hi! I am Yanna, and my alias in Cooking Diary is Billie Joe. I am using my Teddy Bear's name for the game. 

I'm a stay-at-home mom, cosplayer, artist, and online seller of my handmade things.

🌼 How did you start playing Cooking Diary? What motivated you?

I started playing in April 2019. I saw an advertisement on Facebook and was captivated by the illustration!

I'm an artist myself, and it was so good and so cute! I didn't hesitate to download the game and immediately started playing. I was really fascinated by the different mini games like Food Truck and Turbo Chef.

🌼What is it about the game that you like the most? Why?

What I like the most is the Food Truck. I like that they're going to places to reach out to more customers and let them taste delicious food, the different themes (I love Halloween the most!) and the super cute outfits offered!

My next favorite thing is the newer update where I can interact with more players inside the game by visiting different places: the Park, Downtown, and the Club!

🌼 Do you have a favorite restaurant?

Oh no! I have a lot of favorite restaurants! 😁

But my absolute favorites are Royal Breakfast & Tinker's Workshop!

Next are On the Farm and Meal Magic 🥰

🌼 Imagine that you woke up in Tasty Hills one day. What would be the first thing you did there?

If one day I woke up in Tasty Hills, I'd look for Grandpa Leonard and immediately give him a hug!! I love him so much! He reminds me of my dear father 🥰

Next, I want to taste the food in my favorite restaurants—it looks so appetizing even as an illustration, I really wonder what it all tastes like! Hehe! I know I'll meet other characters as I go restaurant-hopping, so that's a plus, and I want to give them letters with my drawing (portrait of them) for them to appreciate! 🥰

🌼 Did you find any new friends thanks to Cooking Diary?

I have joined at least 10 different guilds before finding my 2 guilds that I love—Team Neko Ph and Go Pilipinas (both Philippines guilds). 

I have built a strong relationship with them, especially with my closest friends—Caren, Ann, Amidala, and Alma. They are like my sisters!! I'm planning to visit them soon!

🌼 Do you have any interesting stories related to Cooking Diary?

The first contest I won with Cooking Diary was the Stranger Things special contest. I won a Steve costume! I was so happy about it!!

🌼 Can you tell us what exactly motivated you to cosplay Vivien? Your cosplay is so wonderful!

When I registered on TikTok, I think the Cooking Diary TikTok account was also new. I always kept an eye on the posts there until this one contest from Soul Mekko. I was actually exhausted and out of ideas, scrolling through my Facebook page and, hmmm, why not try to cosplay a character from Cooking Diary since I'm a cosplayer?! Hahaha!

I really tried my best making the costume with what I had available at home and without buying anything!

And to my surprise, hey! My hair is almost the same as Vivien's!

I actually didn't expect to cosplay Vivien 😅 I like the boy characters more, like Grandpa Leonard, but I can't cosplay boys, I'm not that good at cross-playing (the term for cosplaying a boy if you are a girl, and vice versa).

🌼 If you'd like to, leave any message for the other players!

For all the amazing players of Cooking Diary, hi!! 

Even though we haven't met each other in person, you are all amazing and friendly and I admire all of you for that!

I am shy, but I hope to get to know more Cooking Diary players 🥰

For my close friends in Cooking Diary (Caren, Alma, Ann, Amidala, Team Neko Ph & Go Pilipinas), thank you so much for the friendship! You are all such fun to be with, and I hope for many more years to come for our friendship!

🌼Thank you very much for the very interesting interview!