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2 May 2023Interview

Interview with Chefs: UrMagesty Olga!

It's time to meet the next guest of our new regular column: UrMagesty Olga! 😍 Our players are just the best! You never cease to amaze me! 💕

🌟 Please tell me a little about yourself!

My name is Olya and I'm from Russia

This is my first and only game 💕 I used to download games for fun in my free time, and then delete them after a couple of days, but on July 1st, 2019 I downloaded Cooking Diary and have been playing it daily ever since 😍❤️

All this time, I've been playing in the same guild called НЕАНГЕЛЫ (NOANGELS) and I'm its admin. We're always in the global rankings, most often in the Top 20, and have even ranked first several times.

🌟 How did you start playing Cooking Diary?

I was going on vacation when I decided to download the game to distract myself on a long flight 😌 But during the flight, I fell in love with the game. It kept getting more and more engaging by the day. It has an interesting storyline, many different characters, quests, new tasks, and beautiful outfits. It's all become very dear to me in over three years now 💕🤗

🌟 What do you like in the game the most? Why?

I always look forward to a new Path to Glory, as well as new outfit offers on Tuesdays and Saturdays, to dress up my girl 😍💃🏻 I enjoyed Magic Hats from one of the latest updates—I've always loved testing my luck 😊

🌟 Imagine that you have the opportunity to live a day in the body of one of the Cooking Diary characters. Who would you choose and why?

I would probably be my character. Always busy and working. In a constant race, with lots of friends, being in the thick of things 🥰

🌟 Now let's talk about your guild! How did you manage to assemble a strong, motivated, and friendly team? Do you have any internal rules?

I'm the admin of the НЕАНГЕЛЫ (NOANGELS) guild. I've been a member of the guild admin team almost from the very beginning. Our guild has gone through renaming and relocation, but it only brought us closer together. The guild has brought me many friends all over the world. We're more than just guildmates ♥️

We often have internal guild quests and flash mobs. It helps clear the air and perk us up.

Our team is pretty fixed, we've all been playing together for many months now, and even years with some of the members. We have flash mobs... For example, we have three pregnant ladies in our guild right now, and we threw gender reveal parties on their ultrasound days 🤗 It was really lovely, and now we are looking forward to these babies joining our big gaming family.

In most guilds, there are some rules and minimal requirements. As for us, we've been playing without any rules and minimal requirements for over two years now ❤️ Because I know that every one of us girls will give 100% when needed.

🌟 Have you encountered any difficulties in building your guild? If so, how did you manage to overcome them?

In the beginning, social media helped a great deal in the creation of the guild. We invited players through it, and that's how the first team was formed. There are old-timers who have been on the team for more than a year or two with us. Sometimes players leave, when they lose interest in the game. It's sad, since you quickly get used to people.

🌟 Your guild has been in the global TOP Guilds for a long time. How do you manage to maintain your high position without rules and minimal requirements?

How do we manage without minimal requirements? It's simple: we respect each other and have the same goal. If one of us put all the effort in today, somebody else will do it tomorrow.

There are hardships, but our successes outweigh them, so they don't bother us 😊

🌟 Can you give any tips for new players?

Advice for newcomers: don't give up, it takes a few months to build a good guild. Be patient and you'll shine in the global TOP 100 ♥️

🌟 Now let's get back to your story! Please tell me how long ago did you become the admin of the Russian-speaking fan group on Facebook?

The group is my kind of escape.

It was created by a girl who isn't on the admin team now, as she got tired. I'm grateful to her for the push she gave me to become an admin. I joined this group as a regular member, but for almost a year now I've been an admin along with some other girls.

When you play for a long time at the top, moments of apathy come and it gets boring just to tap here and there 🙂 That's when the inspiration to create something new comes. In our group we came up with various contests: "vanilla contest" (where participants dress their characters within a certain dress code), creative collage contest (for which we give the winner a Food Truck key or a Path to Glory ticket), we made a podium for player results and a record board, and when we feel that our top players are getting tired... we do CHAMPIONSHIPS (to make the players feel a surge of excitement). We also have an annual award with different nominations (we're getting ready for the second one now, and we'll be awarding beautiful collages as prizes before the New Year).

🌟 Where do you usually look for new members? What are your selection criteria for the group?

New members come mainly at the invitation of those who are already in our group. We're happy that people recommend us.

There are no selection criteria. We're open to everyone 🤗

Just one thing: be as big a fan of CD as we are.

🌟 How do you manage to keep the group active? Do you have your own internal features and regular posts?

Group activity is a big topic.

Last summer, the group was on hiatus, the admins had a creative burnout, fatigue and the summer took a toll.

In the fall, we realized that we miss the group and its members. Besides, no one could repeat our so-called success, so we launched the second season of the group.

We keep the group active thanks to the excellent admins. There are five of us, each with their own role. And it's important. Someone is responsible for contests, someone is an ideological inspirer, someone is a creative powerhouse.

We've built a great team. We always support each other. If someone doesn't have time to put up a post, another admin will do it.

🌟 Did you find any new friends thanks to Cooking Diary?

Thanks to this group, I met my best friend @Dasha Dasha. This girl understands me perfectly and turns all my crazy ideas into amazing artwork.

🌟 Please share any funny or just interesting stories that happened to the Russian-speaking community of Cooking Diary players!

There are so many funny stories. Every month we hold nominations and congratulate the most active members based on different criteria. We also have an annual award with nominations at the end of the year ☺️

We hold quests, games, and creative contests.

Sometimes, if we're in the right mindset, we can arrange a championship. Haven't done it since the restart though. The championship takes a lot of effort and time, it's impossible to hold it without preparation, otherwise it will be a mess. So, most likely we'll come up with something for our members after the winter holidays 😊😇

🌟 Take this opportunity to say a few words to other players!

I'll probably abstain from giving any advice or pep talks. It's a game, and everyone sees it their own way.

But I want to remind everyone: it's a game, don't take it into your life, and don't get personal if someone offended you in the game 😊

Be kind 😇

🌟 Thank you very much for the very interesting interview! ❤️