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7 Aug 2023Contest

PRO CHEF CHALLENGE - 4rd stage results!

Summing up the results of the fourth stage of the PRO CHEF CHALLENGE!

Just a friendly reminder that to participate, you were required to submit an form and successfully complete all active events. Congratulations to our second stage winners!

1. Kayla (Support ID: 1ix0gs)

2. Apple (Support ID: 0hdd4t)

3. Rose (Support ID: 147qfq)

Their prize: 60 rubies, Turbo Skates 15 min, Wonder Dish x3, Candy x3, Freeze x1, Superdelivery x1, Double Profits x1, Patient Customers x1, Megapan x1!

We still have one more week of the challenge ahead, so keep participating for a chance to win!

You can read about PRO CHEF CHALLENGE here.