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26 Apr 2024Update

"Tasty Airlines" - new time-limited event!

🧳 Onward to adventure! Take part in the Tasty Airlines event and get exclusive prizes! ✈️

What is Tasty Airlines?
Tasty Airlines is a time-limited event in the game. Collect all stories to complete the event and get a unique assistant and other prizes!
To take part in the event, you need to complete level 4 in the Cake Shop restaurant.

What are Stories?
Stories is a window where your collection of picture cards is stored. Assemble them all to find out something new and win prizes!
Each picture card has a puzzle piece counter: 
- The first value is the number of puzzle pieces you have managed to collect. 
- The second value is the total number of puzzle pieces required to unlock the story.
Use the red exclamation points to find the picture card your puzzle piece is a part of.

What prizes can I get from Tasty Airlines?
Rewards is the window where your progress in the event is displayed.
Collect puzzle pieces to get a unique assistant and other valuable prizes!
You can keep track of the number of puzzle pieces you have collected using the progress bar. 
There, you will only see the puzzle pieces that have been fitted into the story picture cards.

What's a unique assistant?
A unique assistant is the main reward of an event.
Unlock all picture cards to get a unique assistant.
Choose a unique assistant and both their boosters will help you pass the level.
After being used in a level, a unique assistant will need to rest. Once the break is over, you can use their help again.

What are puzzle pieces?
Puzzle pieces are fragments of picture cards that help you collect stories of Tasty Hills. Unlock suitcases to find more puzzle pieces!
Puzzle pieces obtained during one story cannot be used in any other story. All puzzle pieces will be reset at the end of the event.
Please note: Repeated puzzle pieces are called duplicates and are automatically exchanged for tickets that you can spend in the Terminal Shop. 
The rarer the duplicate, the more tickets you get.

How do I get puzzle pieces?
Open the suitcases in the Luggage Drop window to find puzzle pieces inside them. Assemble picture cards of stories by putting the pieces in the right places!

How do I place a puzzle piece in a story picture card?
Each puzzle piece has a unique place in the picture card of a story.
To place a puzzle piece in a story picture card, just drag it into place with your finger!
Please pay attention to the bottom left-hand corner, where your Super Pieces are stored.
Super Piece is a universal puzzle piece that can be used in any place!

What is Luggage Drop?
Luggage Drop is where you can store and open suitcases with puzzle pieces.

How do I get suitcases?
Each suitcase contains a puzzle piece of its color, and also of a random color.
During the event, you will be able to obtain suitcases with different star ratings from 1 to 5.
You can find 1-star suitcases in your last completed restaurant.

Other suitcases can be obtained as a reward for: 
- completing daily quests
- completing storyline levels in your most recently available restaurant.

When searching for suitcases, look out for the green labels in restaurant levels.
Furthermore, you can exchange collected tickets for suitcases in the Terminal Shop.

What is the Terminal Shop?
The Terminal Shop is an in-game store with an extensive product range. You can buy useful items that 
are required to progress in the event there, as well as customization items and much more! 
To buy something in the Terminal Shop, you will need tickets. Don't forget to keep track of updates to the product range!
Please note: Some items can only be bought a limited number of times. But don't worry, they will appear again after some time.

What are tickets?
Tickets are an in-game currency that you can obtain automatically after duplicate puzzle pieces drop.