johnny vivien leonard krayton martin andy alex leshan bobby soul

Jonathan “Johnny” Marbles

Personality: honest and hardworking, lacks self-confidence

Occupation: junior chef's assistant

Hobby: writing jokes, standup comedy

Johnny tried to get into Culinary School to achieve his dream of becoming a famous chef, but failed the entrance exams. Fate brings him to the doors of a newly-renovated Grey family restaurant. He admires the Grey family, and is not giving up on his dreams of becoming a top-ranked chef.

Vivianette “Vivien” a.k.a. @realvivisaur

Personality: always cheerful, smart and hard-working

Occupation: promising food blogger

Hobby: photography, DJing, katana dance, curling

Vivien's natural charm makes her a very likable person. Her perceptive and energetic nature often helps her in her dream of becoming the most popular food blogger ever. Always has her phone with her. She appreciates culinary art and modern technology.

Leonard Grey

Personality: nice, trusting, and incredibly kind.

Occupation: legendary chef who used to own an expansive restaurant chain.

Hobby: gardening, collecting cereal box prizes

Despite his old age, grandpa Leonard hasn't lost his childish naivete, and his competitors often take advantage of that. Has rare culinary talent, thanks to which he became the most prominent chef in Tasty Hills.

Creighton Styles

Personality: narcissistic, scheming, charismatic

Occupation: popular Tasty Hills chef, TV star

Hobby: taking selfies, keeping a memoir, and debates

Despite his questionable persona, he is charming and has culinary talent, which rocketed him to TV stardom. He is used to achieving his goals with the minimum effort, and does not take kindly to criticism or the loss of his leading positions.

Martin “Marty” Price

Personality: shy, cautious and perceptive

Occupation: high school student

Hobby: board games (especially Maze Masters), reading comics

A slightly spoiled, but very well-read and intellectually developed young man. His shy and cautious personality makes him not the most popular kid at school. Nevertheless, he continues his attempts to make friends.

Andrew “Andy” Martin Theorius III

Personality: eccentric, peculiar and slightly mad

Occupation: scientist

Hobby: coffee making, reviewing gadgets

Andy's brain generates ideas 24 hours a day, even when he is dreaming! Despite his extraordinary talent, he has never received any prestigious awards, because not one of his brilliant projects was ever completed… or successful.

Alexandra “Alex” Calloway

Personality: sharp and impulsive, unpredictable

Occupation: aspiring actress

Hobby: singing, performance arts, ethnic songs

Alex always stood out throughout her school and college years because of her independent and free-spirited personality. Her unpredictable persona goes quite well with her profession of actress.

Gustav LeShan

Personality: seems cynical, but really just intellectual, somewhat dramatic

Occupation: the most influential culinary critic of Tasty Hills

Hobby: antiquing, food history, and building toy train rails

After gaining worldwide fame as a food critic, he became completely unbearable. His reviews can easily destroy or glorify any restaurant, and that's why Gustav sees himself as the culinary capital's judge, jury, and executioner. However, he is a fair and hard-working professional.

Bobby Calloway

Personality: outgoing and cheerful, great sense of fashion.

Occupation: owner of a successful interior design studio, a happy family man.

Hobby: fishing, handmade crafts, and fashion consulting

Bobby Calloway is known throughout Tasty Hills for his great management skills. Fashion and design are his forte—thanks to his outstanding sense of fashion, he is acknowledged as the city's top trendsetter.

Soul Mekko

Personality: honest, loyal and down-to-earth

Occupation: video blogger

Hobby: too many to list, anything from writing to bungee jumping over waterfalls.

Video blogger, extremely popular on the Internet. His videos always gain a few million views in mere hours. Despite his amazing popularity, Soul is not at all arrogant. He appreciates qualities like loyalty and decency.