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Last updated: March 9, 2021

There are several kinds of boosters in the game: 


Extra Time and Customers: gives you 30 extra seconds and three extra customers. 

Second Chance: if you lose a level with an extra goal, you can use the Second Chance booster to continue playing. This booster will be offered automatically if you run out of time on a level and don't have enough coins to win. 

Candy: fully restores your customers' patience. It works on all customers near the counter simultaneously.

Turbo Skates: speed up your movement around the kitchen for a limited time. Use them to serve customers much faster. 

Wonder Dish: use this to fully complete any customer's order, regardless of the number of dishes in it. 

Instant Cooking: prepare dishes instantly during the whole level! 

Non-Stick Coating: dishes will never burn during the whole level! 

Double Profits: earn twice as many coins during the whole level!

You can activate Candy, Turbo Skates, and Wonder Dish within a level.
Instant Cooking, Non-Stick Coating, Double Profits can be activated before the level starts and while the level is paused.