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Special Customers

This article will tell you everything you need to know about special customers! While playing the game, you will meet various customers. Every special customer has a unique trait—use them right, and your game experience will become even better! Knowing your customer is an important part of building your game strategy, so let's learn about them together!

Special Customers | Cooking Diary

How can you recognize them? All special customers have a yellow order bubble, unlike regular customers

Impatient Customer!

Impatient Customer | Cooking Diary

Special traits

Arrives with only a half-full patience bar

Strategy Tip

It's better to prioritize their orders and serve them first! You can also have some dishes prepared beforehand so that you can serve their orders immediately. Another thing to try is using boosters. Watch the video below to make sure you will remember them:

Forgetful Customer!

Forgetful Customer | Cooking Diary

Special traits

Forget their orders. Their dishes will appear and disappear

Strategy Tip

You only have a limited time to remember their orders, so it's essential to memorize them. If you recognize these customers as soon as they come in, you should quickly look at their order and remember it. Alternatively, you can serve other customers while a forgetful customer's order is not visible and/or use boosters. Watch the video below:

Indecisive Customer!

Indecisive Customer | Cooking Diary

Special traits

Can't make up their mind. This customer's orders will take time to appear

Strategy Tip

The easiest way to deal with this customer is to serve other customers while waiting for their order.

Loyal Customer!

Loyal Customer | Cooking Diary

Special traits

This customer absolutely loves your food! Loyal customer will accept any dish, including snacks and drinks.

Strategy Tip

This customer can help you with your workload, so try to give them dishes that you can prepare quickly, like snacks.

Fun Customer!

Fun Customer | Cooking Diary

Special traits

They make people around them happy!

Strategy Tip

Make sure to serve this customer's orders while they are happy, and they will boost everyone's mood. However, if their order is completed while their mood bar is low, they won't affect other customers' moods.