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With TastyMe, you can help your friends, visit other chefs' houses, send gifts, and follow all the latest news from Cooking Diary social media pages.  

Making friends has never been so easy! In "Add" section, you can find your friends or make new ones using their player IDs! 
You can also connect your account to Facebook and add friends that have also linked their accounts to their Facebook page.
Your Facebook friends will appear in your friend list, as well. You can have 40 in-game friends and 200 Facebook friends.
For easier navigation, you can add some friends into "Favorites" list to quickly access them. 
In order to do that, you'll need to tap the star next to their name and they will appear in the separate section!

This section has lots of useful information for you! Choose "news" to be aware of new interesting posts, and in "community" you'll find links to all our social pages!

You and your friends can help each other! To send help press "Help" button next to your friend's name. 
You can send help to each of your friends once every 24 hours. To access the gifts you've received, tap on "Gifts" section.

Visiting friends
You can visit your friends' houses by pressing "To friend" button. This action will take you to your friend's house. 
In your friends' houses, you can find gifts containing coins, rubies, and boosters.

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