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Managing a guild

To join a guild, tap the icon in the lower right section of the screen. A list of existing guilds will open—it also displays the number of members each guild has. Select one you like, or search using various parameters. You can then join the guild you select by tapping Join, or view information about the guild by tapping on its name. 

Admins and moderators manage a guild. 

An admin can:  

change the guild's name, description, emblem, type, and location; 
accept requests from players to join the guild; 
delete members from the guild; 
appoint moderators; 
remove moderators. 

A guild moderator can:  

accept requests to join the guild and delete guild members (other than the admin or other moderators). 
To delete a player from the guild, go to the My Guild tab, open the Guild Info window, tap on the player, and select the Delete option.